The best writing is worth little if its presentation is below par. In today’s world, visuals matter as much as the words themselves to get a point across and generate audience attention.  Here, my experience with layout and design comes in handy, as the following examples show.


What: Annual Fund Brochure

From: Saint Vincent College Annual Fund

Audience: Alumni, Parents, Friends of the College

Estimated Reach: 10,000 copies sent out

Created In:Adobe InDesign CS5

Comments: This three-fold brochure continues to be sent out with every solicitation letter from the Saint Vincent College Annual Fund Office, giving potential donors an overview of what the office does as well as how to support the College and what their money is used for.

Download Link (PDF): Click Here

 Click here to download the Annual Fund Brochure
 Heritage Society Brochure Front

What: Heritage Society Brochure

From: Saint Vincent College Annual Fund

Audience: Current and prospective major donors of the College

Estimated Reach: 2,000 copies sent out

Created In: Adobe InDesign CS5

Comments: The Saint Vincent Heritage Society consists of those donating $1,000 or more to the College within one fiscal year. This brochure informs current and potential members of the Heritage Society about the benefits of this prestigious donor group.

Download Link (PDF): Click Here

Phonathon Design Projects

What: Phonathon Logo

From: Saint Vincent College Phonathon

Audience: Current and future Phonathon student workers

Created In:Adobe Photoshop CS5

Comments: The new Phonathon Logo, which appears on the redesigned website and Facebook page as well as all other promotional pieces, was a collaboration with a graphic design major. I was responsible for digitizing his hand-drawn bearcat. Click on the picture for a larger view.


What: Phonathon Freshman Flier

From: Saint Vincent College Phonathon

Audience: Prospective Phonathon student workers

Estimated Reach: 50+ copies hung up around campus and in dormitories

Created In: Microsoft Publisher 2010

Comments: This Flier was used in conjunction with a brochure, also created in Publisher, to attract students looking for on-campus employment. The result? More students than ever applied to work at the Phonathon.

Download Link (PDF): Click Here

Finally, I created and digitized various designs for Phonathon T-Shirts, Jackets, and Sweatpants, as well as a collage of former callers and events for the Phonathon room in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5. Just ask me, and I’ll send out some samples!

The GCDC Developer’s Meeting Postcard

For my internship at the Greensburg Community Development Corporation, I designed a postcard invitation to be sent out to various developers in Western Pennsylvania for the 2011 Greensburg Development & Investment Meeting. The invitation raises awareness of the event and a reminder to ‘save the date’ in September 2011, and was followed up by a more personal and detailed letter of invitation. It was designed in Microsoft Publisher 2010.


Various GCDC Design and Layout Projects

Throughout the summer of 2011, I created various promotional materials in Microsoft Publisher 2010. Among them are a grant application for the redevelopment of a Greensburg playground, a flyer advertising a Greensburg building for sale, and an renovation application of a downtown business to the Greensburg Historical and Architectural Review Board.

Click Picture for Full PDF

Click Picture for Full PDF

Click Picture for Full PDF

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