Social Mediator

In today’s digital world, experience in social media both personally and professionally is a must. Where else can you capture your audience and invoke effective two-way communication with your publics? There is a reason after all why an expert in social media is often called a ‘Social Mediator’ today. My experience in social media and online community outreach will allow me to contribute significantly to a company desiring to expand its scope into this realm.

The Phonathon Facebook Page and Website

During the summer of 2011, I helped the Saint Vincent College Phonathon take the next step and delving into social media by establishing a presence on Facebook. The new Phonathon Facebook Page, created in HTML using various plugins, allows prospective student workers to find information about the program while allowing current students to stay up-to-date on everything in and around the ‘Phonathon Family’. Finally, through a slideshow and picture galleries, former callers can reminisce about their time at the Phonathon, while planning reunions in the near future.

Outside of the social media realm, I also got a chance to work on my HTML programming skills when redesigning the Phonathon website. Using only a Web Gui and pure HTML, I was able to transform the website into a visually appealing internet presence that maintains the design and identity of the Phonathon Facebook page. Scan the QR Code on the left with your smartphone or click the link below to check it out!

The redesigned Saint Vincent College Phonathon Website

The ThinkGreensburg! Social Media Campaign

Think Greensburg LogoDuring my internship for the Greensburg Community Development Corporation, I was responsible for managing and enhancing the company’s ThinkGreensburg! social media campaign. Aside from regular updates about Greensburg Business activities to over 1,000 Facebook followers, I also developed a weekly ‘Community Contest’ that allowed members of the Greensburg community to recall their memories about the city’s past and present. Including several local businesses in the questions also gave me the opportunity for free and easy promotion of Greensburg’s downtown.

During my internship, I also enhanced the ThinkGreensburg! Facebook presence through increased cross-promotion. For example, I added a Sign-Up form for the GCDC’s electronic newsletter to the page, allowing Facebook users to enter their email address in order to receive more in-depth information about the city and its businesses. In addition, I began posting a link to the electronic newsletter on the Facebook page in order to ensure that even people unwilling to give away their email address could read the various articles.

Ideal cross-promotion extends beyond just promoting different media. Thus, I used the ThinkGreensburg blog in order to publish complete interviews and lengthier articles that would be linked to the electronic newsletter or Facebook updates for more information. Utilizing the blog, I was able to write about more than merely a couple paragraphs, not losing any essential information in the process. Following are a few examples of blog posts during my internship:

Personal Social Media Profiles

Of course, I also maintain profiles on all common social media outlets in order to keep up with the technology and continually explore new ways of communicating with others. Click on the logos to find my very own personal brand presence online:
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