Public Speaker

Of course, my college career has brought with it countless opportunities to present my work in front of peers and professors. Beginning with an introductory Public Presentation class in the Fall of 2008, I have gradually improved my English public speaking abilities to the point where I have been called a “confident”, “skilled”, and “persuasive” public speaker in by various professors. On this page, I will share my most successful individual public speaking projects. For group work, visit the Organizer tab.

The Flens Presentation

For a Fall 2011 Global Marketing Class, I created a hypothetical marketing campaign for for the entry of Flensburg Pilsner (A German beer brand) into the U.S. beer industry. The result was a 20 minute presentation aided by Microsoft Powerpoint in which I explained the conditions for market entry, as well as a 12 page article (and 3 pages of Appendices) detailing the marketing strategy. Both paper and presentation earned a perfect score, and are now used as examples for Global Marketing students.

Click Picture for PDF Slideshow

Click Picture for PDF Paper

The Hulu Digital Communication Evaluation

Among the projects in my Fall 2010 Public Relations class was the task to evaluate the various digital communications outlets of a major U.S. company. My pick was Hulu, the popular website streaming episodes of various TV shows to its audiences on multiple devices. Again, the 10 minute presentation and accompanying written analysis received a perfect grade, and is now used as an example in the class.

Hulu Digital Communication Evaluation
PresentationAnalysis (PDF)

The Internet Video Advertising Presentation

My Fall 2010 Internet Marketing class brought with it the task to present on a major trend in the e-commerce marketplace today. My choice, internet video advertising, has been on a steady rise as services like YouTube and Hulu look to finance their free videos through advertising. The resulting presentation lasted 20 minutes, and gained a perfect grade.

Internet Video Advertising Presentation (PDF)

The Graphic Designer Feature Presentation

An Electronic Media class during the Spring 2011 semester required a feature presentation of a professional graphic designer as its final project. My choice was Beth DeCrease, an American native who moved to Banbury, England with her family in 2008. She currently works as a graphic designer and layout specialist at Ball Colegrave, and was more than happy to give me detailed insight into her thought and execution of designing the catalogs for the company in a lengthy phone interview. The results can be found in the presentation below.

Beth DeCrease (Graphic Designer) Feature Presentation (PDF)

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