Writing, designing, and presenting might be important skills, but they are worth little without the ability to organize, multitask, and work as part of a group. I have been fortunate enough to practice acquired these abilities through my various internships and classroom experience, and will gladly share the results of my efforts on this page.

The Seton Hill University Spirit Flier

A major project during my Summer 2011 internship at the Greensburg Community Development Corporation included the organization of the 2011 Seton Hill University Football Spirit Flier. The GCDC cooperates each year with the University and various downtown businesses in creating and sponsoring this flier, which is passed out at college football games and around downtown Greensburg throughout Fall.

I was responsible for organizing the process, getting in contact with Seton Hill for a design of the flier’s front and the 2011 football schedule while at the same time communicating with a local printing company about the design on the back, printing, and distribution of the flier. The project was sponsored by downtown Greensburg restaurants and bars, which I contacted about the possibility of having their names appear on the flier’s ‘Restaurant & Bar Guide’ in exchange for a $75.00 donation. I also wrote the paragraph ‘dining and gathering in greensburg,’ which would appear next to the sponsoring restaurants on the back of the flier.My efforts were rewarded by 14 restaurants agreeing to sponsor the flier, which more than covered the printing and production costs. 3,000 copies of the flier were printed by Fotorecord in downtown Greensburg, and distributed throughout Greensburg.

The 2011 SHU Spirit Flier (full PDF)

Group Leader

Through years in the classroom, I have developed a natural tendency to take on responsibility in group projects for various classes. I have been selected General Manager by my group for multiple marketing projects, including a marketing strategy for the online video streaming service Hulu developed in the Spring 2011 class ‘Advertising and Promotion.’ Here, our group of five upperclassmen was charged with the responsibility of creating a 40 page marketing plan, which would be presented at the end of the semester in a professional 30 minute presentation. As elected General Manager, I was in charge of organizing all research and assignments for the group, and putting it all together in what you can now see as the completed project. The Marketing Plan, which received a perfect grade, is among my most complex class project completed so far.

Hulu: Marketing Plan (37 Page PDF)  •  Hulu: Presentation (PDF)

I assumed a similar position in my Fall 2011 Sports Marketing class, during which my group and I developed a marketing plan for introducing the Northern European sport of Team Handball to the United States. While not as complex as the Hulu Plan, the mix of me as a German being intimately familiar with the sport and the other group members hearing about it for the first time provided and interesting, yet rewarding challenge.

Team Handball: Marketing Plan (16 Page PDF)
Team Handball: Presentation (17 Slides PDF)

But I am capable of working in a group without assuming a leadership role as well, consistently putting the team ahead of myself for various other class projects and professional experiences. During my social year as a housekeeper in a German day care in 2007, I often got called on to work together with other social year workers to renovate old buildings and build furniture for new day cares. During my Summer 2010 internship for CineCentrum, I worked together with the research team under the guidance of producer Susanne Stenner to find archival footage, interview partners, and historic on-set props for various documentaries. In both of these cases, I naturally enveloped myself in the group work without needing to assume a leadership role.

Executive Officer

Theoretical classroom experience is all well and good, but how much is it worth without its practical counterpart? Since Fall 2011, I have been the secretary of the Saint Vincent College Culture Pub(formerly Advertising Club), and have been a part of organizing events such as guest speakers on campus and trips into Pittsburgh to visit advertising agencies and other field-related organizations.

I have also been a Student Supervisor at the Saint Vincent college Phonathon for several years now, where I am supervising between 30 and 40 students and on occasion, in cases of unexpected sickness, have even run entire shifts.

Finally, I was a participant of the 2010 Certified Emerging Leaders Program and am a member of several on-campus clubs, organizations, and honor societies. These include the Saint Vincent College Marketing Matrix, The Public Relations Student Society of America, the National Freshman Honor Society Alpha Lambda Delta, as well as the Upsilon Nu chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association’s honorary society.

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